What is Academic Integrity?

Published: 2021-09-11 09:35:11
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Academic integrity goes well beyond the limits of any classroom online or off. I believe all students should act with personal respect, integrity, and dignity. That means doing the right thing, even when no one is over your shoulder. You must your own work, write your own papers and properly citing your resources. When people know that you believe in doing the right thing, are honest, fair, and trustworthy. It shows your behavior is consistent and lets people know to trust your word.
For me, I believe It provides and adds more value to your degree knowing you did it fair and honestly. In the workplace, a lot of employers are looking to hire not just graduates but people whom they believe have integrity and have earned their degree honestly. There's is no honesty in cheating at all. They are looking for someone they believe will be a positive influence and know will carry out their company's mission. Plagiarism is when you hire someone else to write your paper when you purchase papers, or ask someone else to do your homework or do your test for you. It can also refer to copying the ideas, exact wording, or data without giving credit to the author. You need to trust yourself and your work without taking credit for things you didn't write.
Three examples of infractions that violate the Student Code of Academic Integrity are Fabrication, Misrepresentation, and Self-Plagiarism. Violating any of these three infractions can result in Failing grades for the work and course. A warning letter, and suspension. At the University of Phoenix, we are given resources to avoid plagiarism like the plagiarism checker, allowing enough time for research, and instructions on different ways to use quotation marks for anything your copy.

Finally, having academic integrity is important because it personally offers you peace of mind knowing that you believe in doing the right thing, and are always trying to act consistently within those beliefs. It also reduces a lot of unnecessary stress in your life, making you happier, healthier, critical thinking is advanced and you learn more. The assignments you are given in school are meant to help you learn, and the grades you receive for your work show you how well you learned.
Therefore, it is important that you complete your work without cheating or being dishonest. As a student, it is best to trust yourself and to approach all your work honestly and integrity. A lot of times we let pressure lead us down the wrong path and don't appreciate or value what we get from the overall experience.

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