The Jaguar

Published: 2021-09-10 13:25:10
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The Jaguar 1. It implies that the apes admire their fleas and are to lazy tp do anything about them, where as you would think that they would want rid of the fleas because they would surely be bothered by them. 2. The simile gives me a dramatic picture of the parrots as by saying 'shriek as if they were on fire' gives me the image of the being very load and frantic. 3. The figure of speech in line three is a simile and suggests to me that the parrots were flaunting themselves 'like cheap tarts', woman who want to attract attention. 4. 'Tiger and lion lie still as the sun'.
This simile gives me a picture of the tigers and lions laying still and not moving very often. 5. The figure of speech used here is a metaphor and gives me an image of an ancient creature that used to live millions of years ago. 6. The word is 'shriek' because it makes me think of the birds making loud noises. 'Fatigued with indolence' gives me the impression that the tigers and lions are very lazy and do not have the effort to do anything. 'Stink of sleepers from the breathing straw' gives a very strong impression that the animals are very un-hygienic and are not clean. . Most of the animals are very lazy and motionless. 8. The poet uses commas more often to make the reader read quicker and therefor fastening the pace of the poem. The commas are also used to create tension and excitement. 9. The writer says that the jaguar is 'hurrying and also the he 'spins' from the cage bars, showing me that the jaguar is very fast paced and frantic. 10. The language technique used is alliteration which is having words beginning with the same letter following one another. 11.
I choose the 2nd and 3rd lines from the last verse, these lines suggest to me that the jaguar feels like he is still in the wild and still in control. The poet mentions the 'wilderness of freedom' to remind us of the wilderness from where the jaguar came. 12. Ted Hughes gives me the impression that he likes the jaguar because the jaguar still acts as if it is in the wild. 13. My feeling on the jaguar is that it still has not given up as the writer tells me that 'over the cage floor the horizons come' giving me the impression that the jaguar is imagining still being in the wild and free

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