Release of rare, awe-inspiring John Denver song coincides

Published: 2021-08-31 12:20:11
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Release of rare, awe-inspiring John Denver song coincides with his 70th birthday (1 888 PressRelease) In honor of the 70th birthday of the late and legendary singer/ songwriter John Denver on Dec. 31, acclaimed Indie recording artist Luanne Hunt releases what may have been his greatest musical work, "The Wandering Soul (Love is the Answer). " Denver did not record the tune. Hunt brings forth an emotional production, passionately delivering the song's timely and awe-inspiring message. Denver, CO - Coinciding with what would have been legendary singer/songwriter John Denver's 70th birthday on Dec. , chart-topping Indie recording artist Luanne Hunt releases his rare and powerful composition, "The Wandering Soul (Love Is the Answer). " Denver, who died in a plane crash in 1997 off the California coast, delivered perhaps his most profound message through the inspiring and timely ballad. The "Rocky Mountain High" singer stated In his autobiography that he wrote the tune In Santa Fe, N. M. around 1994. "l went off on a hike, and midway to where I was headed, the song I was trying to write ("The Wandering Soul") Just came to me, fell from the sky," Denver said In his book, "Take Me Home.
Hunt says she recorded "The Wandering Soul (Love is the Answer)" to not only showcase what may have been Denver's finest work, but also to help others find healing, wholeness and a deeper meaning on their Journeys. "The first time I heard 'The Wandering Soul (Love is the Answerl' I broke down and cried for a very long time," said Hunt, who resides in Southern California and records on the Star Creek Entertainment label. "l knew I had to record It and felt certain It was meant for something much greater than I could even fathom. John's song definitely has been life-changing for me.
Hunt's own musical Journey has been one of profound personal, creative and spiritual transformation. By focusing on her artistic vision, she found the strength to overcome devastating emotional wounds and follow her authentic path as a singer/ songwriter. Over the years, the Pennsylvania native has bullt an Impressive list of accomplishments and a worldwide fan base with her contemporary folk songs. Her 1 OF2 200/ CD "Breaking I nrougn" proaucea two nit singles on u s. ana European cnarts The enchanting "Solace In The Wind" reached No. 1 on the European Country Music

Association's chart (Belgium) in July 2010. The song also landed on the 2009 Grammy ballot in two categories: Best Country Song and Best Female Country Performance. In December 2011, Hunt's holiday tune "Christmas Without You" went to No. 1 on the European Country Music Association charts in France, Denmark and Austria. It also was the second most played song in Europe during that month. "The Wandering Soul (Love is the Answer)" is being utilized to raise funds for Forest Way Productions, a 501c3 charity dedicated to providing retreat opportunities conducive to spiritual growth.
It also promotes creative projects designed to support a unified vision of spirituality in the world. "l am deeply moved by 'The Wandering Soul (Love is the Answer),'" said Matthew Flickstein, founder of Forest Way Productions and Telly Award-winning documentary filmmaker of "With One Voice. " "The lyrics are exquisite and Luanne's voice and presence profoundly touch my heart. I can see how her voice and music can open people's eyes to the Divine and lovingly transform their hearts.

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