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Published: 2021-09-02 15:00:12
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Taylor Reed Career Report My preferred career choice is an Occupational Therapist; however this would not have been the case in the beginning of the year. In the beginning of this year I came to the conclusion that veterinary medicine Is the career for me, mostly because I love animals. As I researched more about becoming a veterinarian I found that It's not a DOD fit for me. I'm still considering It as a possibility however. When I researched Occupational Therapist I could Immediately see myself In this career. As an Occupational Therapist you can work with all age groups Including kids.
When Occupational Therapists work with kids they usually play games with them to help them develop faster. This career Is right for me because I would hate a career that required you to do the same thing every day I like change and kids. Now I'm having a hard time deciding which career Is better for me. Category's: Veterinarian Occupational Therapist Responsibilities (Typical Day) I * Diagnose and treat animals * Perform yearly checkups by recording temperature and weight * Inspects the animal's mouth, eyes, ears, and skin. * Discuss animal behavior, eating, sleeping, ND exercise. Vaccinations I * Help clients learn or relearn the skills necessary to care for themselves. * Work with children with physical or developmental challenges * Work with individuals who are recovering from substance abuse problems, the elderly premature infants. * Evaluate, progress reports, staff notes, daily treatment notes, billing statements, and discharge notices. I Work Environment I * Indoors/outdoors * Private practice * Research Laboratory * Military I * Indoors * Hospitals * Nursing Homes * Schools * Rehabilitation
Centers I Education and Training I *A 4 year study, doesn't require a bachelors degree. * 45-90 hours of undergraduate study. * Competitive * Veterinary Aptitude Test * Medical college admission test * Graduate record examination. I * Required: Bachelor's * Recommended: Masters * Internship * National Certification Examination I Skills I * Computer Skills * Communication Skills * Writing Skills * Observation Skills I *Observation Skills * Computer Skills * Writing Skills * Communication Skills * Listening Skills * Academic Skills I

Advancement I * Experience * Expanding Practice I * Earn a higher degree * Expanding Practice I Employment Outlook I * Very Good I *Very Good I starting salary I *About $50,000 * Max: $145,000 | *About $65,000 * Max: $80,000 | What I learned I I learned that pharmaceutical companies hire Veterinarians to check pet foods and make sure they are healthy for that animal and not harmful. I I learned that Occupational Therapists can work In schools. I had no Idea prior to my research that schools hired Occupational Therapists to work with the hillier with developmental tattletales.
I From my data I can conclude that veterinarians are people that work very hard and are very dedicated to what they do. Becoming a veterinarian takes a lot to nard work and a lot of dedication. I can also conclude from this data that occupational therapists are people that truly care for others. They are also very dedicated and it takes a lot of patients to help people with disabilities like they do on a daily bases. Lastly I can conclude from my data that veterinary medicine is not the career path for me.
The amount of schooling that it takes in order to become a vet would be too much for me. I now know that occupational therapy is the right career pathway for me. I love helping people and I am very patient, I believe this career is the right one for me. In order to prepare myself for this career I must first take the Stats. I also have to continue studying and keeping up my grades. My short-term goal is to graduate high school with in the top 5% of my class. My long term goal is to graduate college with a master's degree in occupational therapy.

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