Never Defeated

Published: 2021-09-02 15:40:13
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Although these words may seem simple, the readers of this novel can learn so much from them. There is a significant difference between these terms, and Santiago thoughts. Words. And actions from the beginning to end of the novel are key examples of the differentiation. Santiago, the protagonist of the novel, is a wise old fisherman who has gone eighty-four consecutive days without catching a single fish. One would think that after so many unsuccessful days that Santiago spirit would be shattered, but day after day of the extensive fishing drought the old man refuses to let it bring him down. Everything about him was old except his eyes and they were the same color s the sea and were cheerful and undefeated" (Hemingway 10). Instead of giving up and quitting, Santiago decides to head back out into the waters and is set on changing his luck. On the eighty-fifth day, Santiago finds himself in a face off against an eighteen-foot long marlin; however, he is not able to bring the marlin in right away due to its large size and ability to fight back against him. The struggle between Santiago and the humongous fish goes on for what seems like a never ending three days.
Santiago isn't Just up against the fish; however, but also is in a constant battle tit hunger, exhaustion, and deep cuts on his hands. Nevertheless, he continues to have faith, hope, and trust in himself that he will persevere and conquer all the challenges despite the circumstances. "It is silly not to hope. I believe It Is a sin" (Hemingway 104). After three tiring days, Santiago ends up catching the marlin, which was the biggest fish he had ever seen. Although he was in lots of pain, was exhausted, and felt beat up, he never once was defeated. After Santiago reels In the big fish, he faces another hurdle: getting home.
The fight against the fish was a usurious task, but none of his struggles would compare to what he would have to fight through to get back. In order to obtain the marlin, Santiago had to thrust his harpoon Into Its side, which caused the marlin's blood to coat the waves. The fish blood attracts sharks, resulting In countless shark attacks that Santiago had to fight off. However, he still perseveres. "I'll fight them until the day I die" (Hemingway 115). After battling the sharks with any defensive object on board he could find, the only thing that is left of the marlin is its skeleton.

All the meat from the fish that could eve Ted so many people was t tort the sharks. Santiago and a connection to the fish due to all the struggling they suffered through together; therefore, when the sharks are eating the marlin, Santiago feels destroyed as well. Although the sharks may have won over the flesh of the marlin, nothing could take away the victory of catching the great fish from Santiago. Santiago, like the fish, may have been a bit physically destroyed, but mentally he is never defeated. Even when it looked like all hope was lost, his bravery and dignity kept him going all the way to the finish line.
Santiago accomplishment was something so permanent, that he became undetectable. Throughout the novel, Santiago faced many struggles, but he never lost hope and never gave up. His determination, work ethic, and positive attitude all led him to overcoming the greatest challenge he had and would ever face. Each and every moment, Santiago did whatever he had to do to the best of his ability in order to achieve what he wanted, no matter what troubles transpired. Even though challenges and struggles had the power to take away chances of Santiago success, his spirit remained undefeated, for he was going to always keep trying no matter hat.
So many life lessons can be learned from this novel. Santiago quote, "A man can be destroyed but not defeated" (Hemingway 103), can be applied to one's life, Just like it is in the book. In order for Santiago to be successful he had to put his whole self into what he wanted and stand strong when difficulty struck, Just like people today and in the past have to do. People can also learn that excuses must not exist in life because all they do is corrupt one's mind, making accomplishing something they want extend more out of reach. Finally, in life, as long as one's best effort is given at al times, nothing can bring them down.
One may fall over and over again, but as long as they keep standing back up, they will never be defeated. Throughout life, people are presented with events to test how strong they truly are, Just like Santiago was. However, challenges open people up to opportunity and chances. If one puts their whole mind, body, and soul into something, they are bound to be successful in anything they do. Hemingway, The Old Man and the Sea, teaches readers so many lessons; however, the biggest they can take away from it is to never give up. Never

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