My Vacation Experience

Published: 2021-09-11 10:15:10
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Days before my vacation started, I was stressed out and running around, trying to get everything packed. Getting food packed up, filling coolers with ice, Loading my bags into the car. Finally, the morning of the trip was dark and a bit chilly. I had a long ride before we got there.
Picture this, 3 kids and 2 adults packed in like sardines. 2 of the three kids are just a little over 2 years old. The ride down to the keys was nice at first, then the babies woke up. They seemed to cry for the longest time till their big brother decided to play with them.
We are finally in the Florida Keys. It was very sunny and the smell of the ocean made me relax. I couldn't believe it, I am finally here. I booked my hotel room and we brought all our belongings and everything else in the room. I decided we should go down to the pool and have a nice swim in the water. It was cool and felt great to float through the water after the long ride down to the Keys.

After the pool, we decided to go out with my father in law on his boat. The sky was so blue, and the breeze felt great. I couldn't believe how far you can see, we decided to go lobstering, it was my first time lobstering, so I was nervous.
The day was beautiful and there were boat's flying past us. The water went from a baby blue to a pale green. It felt nice to feel the wind blowing on my face. But now it's time to get into the water and go lobstering. As the gentlemen on the boat got the hooka rig set up, I was also getting my scuba diving equipment on.
Getting into the ocean was easy with all my diving equipment. Once I was in the water I felt weightless. I couldn't feel the weight bags attached to my hips and the air hose attached to me. But it was beautiful, the coral reef was beautiful. And the ledges were high, underneath one ledge was a massive nerve shark laying there sleeping.
I'm not scared of sharks unless they are circling me, but this one was ok. There were fish everywhere. So many fish in so many colors, I wish I could have stayed all day.
Getting my first lobster was a challenge, they stay in holes on the bottom of the ocean and you have to stick your hand down into the hole to get them. You have to grab onto the knuckle below their antenna, but you don't know what's in that hole so you have to be careful. It was exhilarating grabbing my first lobster, I can't believe I did it, next time I would like to have gloves though.
It was getting late, so goodbye lobsters till next time. The boat ride back was beautiful, the sun was going slowly down, the water was shimmering, and watching the boats coming in with us was fun to watch, seemed as if everyone was in a hurry to get back to shore.
Finally getting back to the hotel I showered and we went to a restaurant to eat. It was on the ocean overlooking a beautiful sunset. I ordered shrimp, baked potatoes, and Mac N cheese. It was delicious the best food I have ever had. Or maybe it was because I was relaxed, and spending a great time with my family. I think even the air smelled better there.
The kids had a blast playing on the beach, making sand castles and splashing in the waves. I took lots of pictures of my babies playing. I think we found what they like. I loved strolling on the beach and watching the waves splash up. And we even went shopping at smaller shops. I think things were slower there and I had no stress while there.
Then it was finally time to head home, I didn't want to leave, I could stay there forever, But I had to get back to work. The trip back was actually better. The kids slept all the way home. Which I can hardly believe, since they gave us so much trouble on the way down. Maybe all the sun and fun wore them out.
When we finally made it home, I was glad but sad. I can't wait till next September when we go back. Next time I think we will do more exploring. And maybe we can even stay a little longer.
The end

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