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Published: 2021-09-01 09:40:10
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There's no such thing. It is the bloody business which informs Thus to mine eyes. " (2. 1. 23). Macbeth's brain is so overloaded or agitated, about the murder that It projects a symbol of murder, the bloody dagger. After killing Duncan, Shakespeare uses the blood symbol to express Macbeth's fear and guilt over his crime. Macbeth says, "What hands are here! Hal they pluck out mine eyes" (2. 1. 24). Macbeth says that the sight of the blood or even the idea is so awful it figuratively hurts his eyes, indicating the extent of his stonishment.
Macbeth not only is horrified by the murder, but also feels extreme guilt After the killing of King Duncan. "this Is a sorry sight" (2. 2. 18), proclaimed Macbeth looking at his bloody hands movements after the murder. Maybe Shakespeare is trying to show us that Macbeth has a little sympathy for his wrong doing; however, Lady Macbeth seems to think that's a foolish thing to say. Later that evening lady Macbeth notices a spot on her hand. "Out, damned spot! , I say! " (5. 5. 29-31). This bloody spot will not come out. Is this a sign of guilt or perhaps
Shakespeare Is hinting she wont get away with what she did. "It will have blood, they say, Blood will have blood" (3. 3. 5-39). This meaning whoever is involved In these crimes will someday become victims of them or maybe "a little water clears us of these deeds" (22. 64) Lady Macbeth thinks this as she washes her hands with water. As seen in the quote, blood symbolism serves as a continuous indicator of characters Sleep is another one of the many symbols used. Sleep is something that is meant to be peaceful and innocent, "sleep signifies the nature and essence for a person Bernard).

In this play it symbolizes death and culpability. It became something people feared rather enjoyed. Some didn't feel safe because they felt like they might be next person to die. "Me thought I heard a voice crying sleep no more! " (2. 2 34-50). Macbeth has killed someone in their sleep but now he cannot sleep. He killed a blameless man and now it's coming back. "Sleep has now become a torture of the mind rather than to lie in restless ecstasy' (Barnard). It was said before sleep is a representation of innocence; so now that virtuousness has been murdered.
He will o longer be able to sleep because of this fault he holds. "Shakespeare allows Lady Macbeth and Macbeth to commit these crimes but punishes them by not allowing them to rest" (Bernard). They will never be able to turn back. "done cannot be undone" (5. 1. 30-45). Lady Macbeth states later that once something had been done, you can't go back and reverse it. So even if Macbeth is starting to fell contrite for what he had done it is too late. Shakespeare continues to use the symbols of sleep and sleep withdrawal in his play to express pain and repentance. Both Lady Macbeth and
Macbeth experience unfruitful nights. The sleep walking scene is a perfectly logical outcome of these feelings. Lady Macbeth was seen sleep walking while talking about the murder. "Shakespeare is expressing the importance of sleep by using sleep deprivation as a sign of remorse" (Bernard). Her talking in her sleep showed that she felt guilty. Shakespeare also uses the Banquds murderers to warn him of what will happen to him if he continued to go through with the prophecy. "It will drain him dry as hay; sleep neither night not day hang upon his pent house lid he shall live a man f forbid" (3. 1-20). This is another example of Shakespeare warning Macbeth that his wrong doings will come with no reward. Through the play Shakespeare brilliantly plays around with sleep by using it in ways that are obvious and hidden. He makes the audience think their own definitions of sleep. It makes someone believe that although sleep is precious, it is one thing that only comes easily to people with clear conscience. In Macbeth case, he cannot sleep until he himself is killed. He loses something precious that is often taken for granted because of what he has done.
Shakespeare chose to repeatedly mention sleep because whether it is at the end of the day or end the end of ones life, everyone eventually goes to sleep. Yet Shakespeare gives the reader a better idea of how valuable it truly is, Shakespeare also knows how to get you mind thinking by using symbols in the form of other living objects like animals. Sleep and blood are only two of the many symbols used in the play. Shakespeare has interwoven the symbol use of animals throughout his play. Not only does he allude with the accuracy of a naturalist to the peculiarities and habits of ertain targets but also to animals. Shakespeare use of animals is often repellent and even repugnant to the audience" (Olsen). They always serve a purpose. For example the owl was used to represents fatality. "Tis unnatural a falcon tow ring in her pride of place was by a musing owl hawked at and killed" (2. 2. 10-21). The owl represents Macbeth and the falcon represents King Duncan who Macbeth killed. Expressing how unnatural it is for an owl to kill a hawk because owls usually for mice. Duncan. The owl announcing Duncan's death is revealing how it is connected to the upernatural world.
Just like the owl was used as an import and symbol, so was the bird. "The raven himself is hoarse: that croaks the fatal entrance of Duncan under my battlement"(l . 5. 38-40). The raven is a bird of ill. Lady Macbeth was referring that even the bird was Horace from saying king Duncan must die, lady Macbeth was trying to say the bird was a sign that they should go on with the plan and kill the king. This symbol Just like all the others, is giving the reader a hint for something to happen in the future of the play, Shakespeare also has ways to make an audience feel some ype of way when something has occurred. They have tied me to a stake; I cannot fly but bear like I must fght the curse"

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