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Published: 2021-08-27 22:40:07
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Impressionist movement. He saw "Claude Motet's Impression, Sunrise exhibited in 1874, and stated it was a sketch or "impression" not finished painting. Short visible strokes are the style included in Impressionism. This may include dots, commas, smears and/or blobs. Paintings in this style often show shadows and highlights in color. This style of loose brushwork gives an effect of spontaneity and effortlessness. Brief moments of life are shown in paintings by Impressionism artists. (Art T. M. , 2000-2014). There was major political and social transition in central Europe that helped lead into the
Impressionism period. This included the 19th Century industrial expansion. Farmers were forced to become paid labors in factories. Governments across Europe are exploring methods to balance the polarities of social right and material progress. Churches were trying to use new scientific knowledge and social theory against the ancient scriptures. "France was experiencing various governments and various forms of government rising and succeeding another between the absolute monarchies that ends with Louis the XVI in 1789" (Hammerings, 1998).
Among these turbulent years France saw lattice outcomes that range from reign Of terror, constitutional monarchy, a republic, a royal restoration and a socialist commune as well as the Napoleonic Empire. These artists came together due to the fact that they were dissatisfied with the Salon system. This was for multiple reasons. It included the type of art being sold and the structure for exhibiting and selling art. Paris become a city in which mass spending was a major activity. Stores with generous windows displays existed. Art exhibitions were becoming more widespread. Many people collected art in the same manor that the bought ewe clothes.

Art was displayed in a manner that made people want to purchase it. It was the beginning of advertising. Magazines would display beautiful women with the artwork. AY. Later Historical Art Period - Post Impressionism Roger Fry invented Post-Impressionism as he got ready for an exhibition at Grafton Gallery in London in 191 0 (Geris-Nisei, 2014). ' 'The show was called "Meant and the Post-Impressionists" (November 8, 1910-January 15, 191 1), a canny marketing ploy to pair a brand name (?dotard Meant) with younger French artists whose work was not well known on the other side of the
English Channel" (Geris-Nisei, 2014). Vincent van Gogh, Paul CZane, Paul Gauguin, George Serrate, Andre Derail, and other painters were included in the exhibition. Post Impressionists expanded Impressionism while not giving into its limitations. They persistently used vivid colors, thick application of paint, and real-life subjects. Post Impressionist artists were likely to emphasize geometric forms, to distort forms for expressive effect, and to use unnatural colors. With the use of vivid colors and forms, their art was characterized by visual and abstract tendencies (Gallery, 2002-2013).
The social and political proceedings in France during the sass were years of extremes. The French underwent rapid industrialization and economic growth. In the mid 1 8805 they were subject to the depression. They also had to deal mentally with its defeat by the Prussian in 1 870 (History, 1979-1980). Industrialization brought in capitalism to the society with materialism as the key point. Revolutionary painting techniques were used to attempt to outrage the art-loving public. AY. Relationship Impressionism and Post-Impressionism refers to an influential artistic movement.
It was started by a group of artist that wanted to open paintings up to a different approach. The artists were also rejected by the art galleries at that time. I feel these artists were looking for a way to provide support for themselves at a time when France's government was unstable. Both of these styles were able to let artists to open up in the type of paints that were completed. This allowed the next style of paintings to arise. AAA. Similarities and Differences Similarities between Impressionists and Post-Impressionists are they both obtain real-life subject, distinctive brushstrokes, thick layers of paint and vivid lord.
The artists in both periods painted landscapes and scenes of modern life (Online, 2007-2014). The Impressionist painted in the open air and used a palette of pure colors. The Impressionist painters were concerned With way that light or sunshine lights up the subject-matter. Paintings of this type were much quicker to be completed. The main difference between both styles is that Post-impressionism aimed to attain more form and structure, as well as more expression and emotion into their paintings. Post-Impressionists rejected Impressionism's concern with the spontaneous and naturalistic endearing of light and color" (Online, 2007-2014).
Instead they placed more emphasis on more symbolic content, formal order and structure (Online, 2007-2014). Post Impressionism artists did their paintings in an indoor studio. They could take hours to complete a single painting. Baby. Explanation Nature painted in the terms of light and color were a style of Impressionism. Post impressionists painted with emotion, and intellect. They wanted to express their paintings beyond the appearance. There paintings stressed their personal view of the world. Post- impressionism artists' used both color ND form to describe emotions.
Post-Impressionists rejected Impressionism's apprehension with the unprompted and naturalistic rendering of light and color. Post Impressionists favor a prominence on more symbolic content, formal order and structure. They also believed that color could be impartial from form and composition and an exciting bearer Of meaning (Online, 2007-2014). AY Comparison of Works have chosen two paintings to compare "The White Bridge" by John Henry Attachment and "Traces on Water" by Claudia Presence. I personally really like both of these paintings. They both contain bodies of water. Would prefer the second selection if had to chose one. Eke the vivid colors and the deepness of the water. The second painting is of a body of water that I would like to see in nature. It looks beautiful and peaceful. 'The White Bridge' by John Henry Attachment (Attachment). "The White Bridge" scene captures the blossoming of spring. It has loosely feathery brushstrokes of green and rich brown colors. The painting shows the peacefulness of the water. The bridge crosses over a body of water that has a reflective surface. The white bridge stands out in contrast to the rest of the painting. The bridge was painted in light airy tokes. Would like to think there may have been trees close by. Chicago, 2000, p. 94). "Traces on Water" by Claudia Presence (Presence). The water shown here is the main element in the picture. Water is a basic element of survival. The dark blue-green color shows the depth, and stillness of the water. The color in this picture are more vivid than the painting by John Henry Attachment. This painting shows the difference between the perception of light and the beauty of nature. In Presence's paintings the lines and curves are more abstract and suggestive than in some traditional Impressionist art (Art F. ). This painting hints at the objects they represent rather than showing them realistically.
AY. Influence of Later Historical Art Period personal styles that focused on the emotional, structural and spiritual elements are another reason that the post impressionism came from Impressionism (Post Impressionism ; The Roots of Modern Art). The artists by drastically influencing styles and artistic expression were able to influence generations of artists to follow. Their combined contributions to the artistic roots of modern art assisted for the next eighty years (Post Impressionism - The Roots of Modern Art). I have enjoyed researching and learning in depth about the two different types of paintings.

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